The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) became law on 25th May 2018.

Replacing the current UK Data Protection Act

One in Four businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the last 12 Months.

Reporting a breach will become mandatory  and potentially embarrassing!

Fines under GDPR will be enforced by The Information Commissioner’s Office.

Fines could reach €20Million or 4% of Global Turnover


CyberSecuritiesUK is here to help your journey to GDPR Compliance.

IASME & CyberEssentials Certification and Consultancy

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation came into force. Enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office, this has replaced the Data Protection Act which so many businesses are familiar with.

The new regulations are affected by BREXIT and carry the potential for large fines, in the event of a data breach along with the reputational risk of having to inform all affected parties of a data breach concerning their data.

The Journey towards GDPR Compliance

Cyber Essentials & IASME Certifications are seen as important steps in the journey towards GDPR Compliance.

Importantly, having assessed your organisation under these standards should lead to improved controls which will mitigate the impact of attacks or breaches and lend credibility to an organisation’s view of data security.

CyberSecuritiesUK is a Certifying Body able to assess & award Cyber Essentials & the IASME Governance Standard (an affordable & realistic alternative to ISO27001 for SMEs) as well as support your organisation to full GDPR Compliance.

Breaches to data & IT Systems are in my mind, the biggest threat currently faced by UK Businesses. The downtime, direct costs and reputational damage of even small scale data loss or malicious attacks is something that few SMEs can tolerate.

By implementing progressive measures – and certifying your Company – you can be assured that not only are threats much less likely to result in damage but that if the worst happens, you’ll have a structure in place to recover quickly & effectively.

The team at CyberSecuritiesUK have a long pedigree at the sharp end of IT Support & Service Delivery. We understand how IT works in your business and we understand the costs of Compliance.

We’re here to help guide your business in your journey towards meeting its obligations but how far along that path you wish to travel is always your decision. We will never propose a path that we feel is detrimental to your business, its resources or its objectives.

So give me or our team a call on 0151 363 5823 or book your assessment with us today and we’ll be glad to help.

Duncan Reid